Our Strategy

Our Mission


At the heart of what the College does, its area of greatest expertise and its typical starting point for developing solutions or making a difference is Learning. That is how it makes a positive difference in the world and how it equips others to do so. Learning is also central to how the College creates the organisational capability to achieve impact – through individual and organisational learning that provides the capability to effect change whatever the change in context.

Excellence sets a high bar for the College’s own performance - an excellent institution, benchmarked against the best in England.

The College is ambitious and will strive to achieve more. Excellence is also what the College supports others to attain. The College will enable the highest levels of learner achievement and the highest levels of career and life fulfilment, through learning that will stretch and challenge. Excellence is what customers, businesses and other organisations can expect to achieve themselves through working with the College.

Our Values


We embrace differences, respect the values, ideas and beliefs of others and renew our own values through discussion and exploration.


We create an educational environment that empowers learners to exceed their own expectations and enables them to shape the future of our world.


We believe in community – the ability to do more together, the mutual commitments that hold people together, and in responsibility beyond one’s own self-interest.

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